Linux (beta) testers

Hi everyone,

I've uploaded a Linux build and tested it on Ubuntu without any issues. However, as I am still very new to the OS I would appreciate all the testing/feedback I can get before publishing it on Steam.

If you play the game on Linux please let me know how it went by filling in this short survey:

Thanks in advance,



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56 days ago

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I'm not sure if this'll add anything but I did try it on Ubuntu 20.04 as well, although I must say it's heavily tinkered with. Either way, it worked smoothly, from framerate to fullscreen.

Already submitted my feedback on the Google form.


Thanks a lot, I got the google form submission. It’s always helpful to know which distros players are having success on as well!


I tried this on Arch Linux, 64 Bit, without looking for any information on needed dependencies.

I was just trying it that way to see what would happen. Was expecting it not to run and throw a bunch of error messages, because usually games made for Linux with one of the main engines: run only in 32 bit, therefore need a lot of libraries in 32 bit and need a lot of installed libraries overall, that are not mentioned by the engine, so the game devs don't know about that and don't include it in the installation requirements.

But this game: unpacked the zip, started the binary and everything worked!


Thank you for checking it out and letting me know! I’m still very new to Linux so still trying to work things out and appreciate all the info I can get.  


Ran perfectly fine from start to finish. This game is amazing. Thanks for making a Linux build :)

Thank you for letting me know and no problem! Sorry for the late reply, must've missed it.